Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites required for Training?

There are no prerequisites required for Green Belt.  It is recommended that the Green Belt is completed before taking the Black Belt.  However, if the student has a good grasp of basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma (including statistical knowledge) they are permitted to take the course.

Are there a lot of statistics in the Green Belt course?

There are statistics in the Green Belt course, however we start at the basic level and move on up.  At CI360, we feel that since the material is taught in a relevant way, learners are more inclined to understand how the statistics are used.  Also, for computation of statistics, we will teach Minitab 17 the latest in Statistical Software

Do I need to bring any tools to the Green Belt training?

Yes!  We would like you to bring your laptop to the course.  If you do not have a laptop, please indicate this in your registration form and we will have one available for you to use at a small fee.

What is the length of the Green Belt course?

The Green Belt course is 10 days of inclass learning (two 5 day weeks).  We offer our students 4 months to complete the course requirements.  After the second week of class, the program is self-paced and students can finish the course in as little as 3 months

Do we even need a continuous improvement program if we are a smaller company?

YES!  Small companies often get neglected in the formal continuous improvement programs because they either can’t afford it, or they think they don’t have the manpower to implement. At CI360 not only are we affordable, we also show you the way to achieve your CI goals and help you find the time and resources available in a smaller company setting to continue your journey with success!

Do you offer group discounts on Training & Certification?

Yes!  Please contact us for information or check out current promotions.

What does it mean to be a Green Belt?

A Green Belt is the introductory level to Lean Six Sigma.  Green Belts facilitate projects with teams to implement robust solutions.  It is a very prestigious and desirable skill to have in any profession.  Many recent job requirements state that having your Green Belt Certification is highly desirable.  Type “Lean Six Sigma” into a job search portal and see how relevant it is across many diverse industries.

Are there other Belts that can be achieved?

Yes, after a student has completed Green Belt course they are eligible to take the Black Belt course.  There are also many other shorter duration courses that we offer that enhance your Lean Six Sigma knowledge and skills.