raining packages can be customized for your team requirements – all the way from Introduction to Lean Six Sigma to Certified Green Belt and beyond!  Our statistics based courses include the training of Minitab 17, the latest in Statistical Software.

CI360 training sessions are designed for maximum learning through a combination of theory and practical hands-on experience. Participants will leave our training with confidence in their newly acquired Lean Six Sigma knowledge and skills.

At CI360, we believe it is important that everyone in the organization understands the methodology of Lean Six Sigma. That is why we designed our body of knowledge to be modular, or A la Carte.



oaching of Green and Black Belts is a fundamental concept in Lean Six Sigma. The relationship between a Coach and Belt in Training (BIT) is critical to solidifying learning and successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma improvement.

Within CI360 both certified Master Black Belts ensure coaching is conducted to the correct level of learning.

Project Coaching


he deployment of a Lean Six Sigma event can be a bit intimidating for a newcomer.

At CI360, we want to help you to be as effective as possible in this new role.

In regularly scheduled coaching sessions, the mentor will help guide the Belt through the Lean Six Sigma roadmap for optimal results on their project outcome. This ensures a continuous learning journey for the new Green or Black Belt with the emphasis on appropriate tool usage and maximized Lean Six Sigma thinking.

Course Coaching


I360’s knowledgeable Master Black Belts are available to assist with course coaching for participants in our certification programs.

With a guaranteed 24 hr turnaround, CI360’s qualified Belts are standing by to answer any question you may have regarding course content. This service is complimentary to any Green or Black Belt in Training (BIT) enrolled in our program for both course content and project work.

Course coaching is a way to ensure sustainable solutions, as well as a way to enhance the BIT confidence.



I360’s experienced, certified Master Black Belts are ready to facilitate continuous improvement endeavours to lead your team through to successful implementation. CI360 has experience in undertaking projects from a department level to a much larger enterprise-wide event.

This type of consultation involves working directly with on-site employees to achieve a positive change.  Facilitation services will include the required training to bring these employees up to speed on the power of Lean Six Sigma so they can fully participate in the workshop.

In-depth documentation will follow the completion of the event, with a bonus follow-up post implementation to offer further consultation on sustaining the results.

Alternatively, co-facilitation* is also available to help coach the new Green or Black Belt through the mechanisms of leading a successful Lean Six Sigma event.  A CI360 Master Black Belt will work closely with the new Belt and share the planning, facilitation and documentation aspects of the project.

* Certification projects are not eligible for Co-Facilitation services.


Our mission is to help our clients understand their priorities and/or issues, identify their highest value opportunities and provide effective, timely and sustainable solutions. Our successes lies in the success of our clients and in helping our clients get the competitive edge by reducing operating costs, increasing productivity, and building quality into their product or service.

How we engage: The ‘ACE’ model


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